Master Mind 01 - Ninja

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Songwriter/DJ&Synthesizer/Master Mind

Playing the electone and piano from childhood, began when I was a junior high school band, and in parallel using synthesizers and computer music production to learn by myself. Professional school admissions sparked begin composition, arrangement in earnest.

As a truck maker engaged in songs such as Akinori Nakagawa. Do the activities as a composer and musician Hiroshi Sato Manipulator. Recording in the overseas experience and, as well as Japan, Hamasaki Ayumi music productions, Rina Aiuchi events produce, remix, contexture, etc.

As Lipselect which plays rock and pop music, in a state-operated broadcast sponsorship audition, a grand prize. I play an active part as a band for playing the leading role in NHK sponsorship live broadcasting.Also DJ, as well as composer also known as righteous unit Mighty Mighty. Also music provided at the download site take ranked first equal success.

Engaged in activities other than music and video production, design, event production, from its experience as the inventor himself produced and total to Club events LIVEMIX in WOMB.


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